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Foodporn: strawberry cheesecake.

Uh what..?

I will call you Kyuhyun, please understand that I’m talking informally to hide the fact that I’m a dongsaeng.


After reading @GaemGyu ‘s interview I feel that ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’ gives him happiness, from the stage experience and also because it enables him to review the past years though his previous musicals since he debuted on stage with ‘The Three Musketeers’ and realize his progression since then, I feel very happy for him.

He also could guide younger artists like Seohyun after being guided himself by senior musical actors, which is proof of another archievment, being able to guide as well as being guided.
I wish I could see him perform one day but I’m sure his acting is convincing enough because he surely made progress since he debuted and benefited from the guidance of elders. People who watched TMTETS and not only ELF seemed to be happy by his overall performance after all. We can hardly compare him to Kim Soohyun because musical and drama are not similar. Each of them portrayed their own interpretation of Lee Hwon I guess.
And yes, the clothes suit him very very well! Maybe he was made to be king during Joseon dynasty…cute and handsome king.
As for the emotions being conveyed through songs, his heavenly voice alone conveys so much, hence I am sure feelings are always felt when seeing him perform.

I’m glad he found in musicals a way to prove how talented he is in many aspects and I know many opportunities awaits for 27 year old talented singer and musical actor Cho Kyuhyun!

(Read the interview here: )

Let’s play a game! 
Match the following expressions with the right !Kyu (from 1 to 10).

a. Tired!Kyu
b. Gawking!Kyu
c. Disappointed!Kyu
d. Secretive!Kyu
e. Stunned!Kyu
f. Sleeping!Kyu - (aka Airport!Kyu)
g. Angry!Kyu
h. Clueless!Kyu
i. Happy!Kyu
j. Smug!Kyu

Super Junior experience Korea - Cho Kyuhyun

Forever in your LOVE”

  • music: starting
  • 2pm: getting ready to sing
  • Park Jin young: /whispers ...jyp
  • 2pm: ........ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻